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For the actor Dean Stockwell, who portrays Cavil in the Re-imagined Series, see: Dean Stockwell


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Colony Earth
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Introduced Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II
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Role Flight instructor, saboteur
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Portrayed by Christopher Stone
Stockwell is a Cylon
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Stockwell is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Major Stockwell is a B-17 pilot who encounters Troy, Jamie Hamilton, and Dillon after his plane is shot down over Nazi Germany.

Stockwell's mission, to sabotage a V-2 rocket on a rocket base in Peenemünde, is complicated when Jewish prisoners are found, who are destined for a deadly concentration camp named Auschwitz.

Stockwell aids the Colonial team in freeing the prisoners, but not before the Colonials accomplish his mission by destroying the V-2 rocket.

Stockwell is saddened when the Colonial team, particularly Jamie Hamilton, must return to their point of origin (Galactica Discovers Earth, Part II and III).