Stadra Ah Mun

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Stadra Ah Mun is a leader of the Colonial resistance on the Colonial world of Maytoria. She rescues Starbuck after he crash-lands there during a mission to retrieve data from its old libraries there.

She reunites him with Boomer at her stronghold (Classic Battlestar Galactica 2).

Ah Mun lived on Maytoria as a cook with her father. She repels Starbuck's romantic advances until they find themselves in a deadly situation as they attempted evacuation of the planet by hijacking a Cylon personnel carrier (Classic Battlestar Galactica 3).

Ah Mun and Starbuck are trapped underwater in a commandeered Cylon tank and are believed lost, but Ah Mun and Starbuck work together to free themselves and catch up with their group. Starbuck's piloting skill would be needed to fly the carrier as Boomer's skill, combined with his injuries, complicated the flight attempt.

Starbuck and Boomer commiserate about their mission's failure to find any critical data on the whereabouts of the Thirteenth Colony when Ah Mun reveals that she carries a data backup of the Maytoria central library database with the needed information.

Rescued by Galactica, Ah Mun meets Cassiopeia and Athena, who are both angered at Starbuck's new apparent romance with Ah Mun. Later, during a celebration thrown by Adama, Ah Mun, Athena and Cassiopeia gather together in an apparent gossip session about Starbuck, which annoys the Colonial Warrior to no end.

Later, Starbuck tries to tell Ah Mun how seriously he felt about her. But a blaster shot rings out, interrupting his attempt. Ah Mun collapses dead in Starbuck's arms from a blaster shot from a Cylon boarding party which hid on the personnel carrier in an elaborate plan to invade and conquer Galactica (Classic Battlestar Galactica 4).