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  • Capt. '''Paulus Magus''' is the son of [[Bryn Magus]], brother of [[Iphigenia]], and wingman to Ensign [[William Adama (2003 Video Game)|W ...and intelligent man, Paulus is the eldest child of Commander Magus and big brother to Iphigenia. He is the mirror of his father at the same age, very much a s
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  • began as a writer for the family sitcom ''[[w:Big Brother Jake|Big Brother Jake]]''. He went on to write for the animated series ''[[w:The Adventures
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  • ...[[Robus]] sets one bomb and then the other. Leaving the rest to his older brother. When all is ready across the moat. Kyle sounds the signal note. At the bri
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  • ==''Celebrity Big Brother'' 2007== ...ted Kingdom version of ''[[w:Celebrity Big Brother 2007 (UK)|Celebrity Big Brother]]''. He arrived, accompanied by the ''A-Team'' TV theme in a replica ''A-T
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  • a child, and went on a tour of the set. The tour guide took him and his brother to meet [[MemoryAlpha:Wil Wheaton|Wil Wheaton]] ([[MemoryAlpha:Wesley Crush
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  • the second child born to Daniel and Dora Greene, though sadly his older brother died in infancy. He went to high school at Lisgar Collegiate Institute and .... His performance in ''Wagon Train'' and his subsequent performance as Big Brother in a CBS production of [ ''1984''] resu
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  • he will go to work today, and after getting no answer, he chastises his brother for failing both his image as a [[Tauron]] and his son. ...there. He angrily demands that Willie leave. Before going, Sam tells his brother that he has lost Willie.
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  • * Tyrol suspects he is a Cylon. In a conversation with Brother [[Cavil]], the priest tells him "I'm [a Cylon] and I haven't seen you at th ...efore being boxed, D'Anna Biers tells Cavil, "There are five other Cylons, brother," ruling out any of the seven known models as also belonging to the Final F
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  • flight. Lee confronted his father and laid blame for his younger brother's death.'' :''Kara was a tough minded-child who dreamed of playing Pyramid in the big leagues someday. her mother wanted her to pursue a career in the military..
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  • ::We swim the moat to the petro dump/And blow it up with a great big ''whump!'' ::Robus sets one bomb and then the other/Leaving the rest to his older brother.
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  • ...are walking through [[Little Tauron]], a part of Caprica where Sam and his brother Joseph grew up. Sam tells William that when hanging out there with Joseph a ...tells William that "if you give them all the little things, they miss the big things."
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  • ...campus houses labs, offices, boardrooms, landing pads for aircraft and a "big, beautiful" gym, complete with boxing ring. It is at its Caprica City camp ...Courthouse.png|thumb|[[Joseph Adama]] accepts [[Ha'la'tha]] money from his brother, [[Sam Adama]], in front of the Caprica City Courthouse {{CAP|Pilot (Capric
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  • * Brooks says that he thinks they owe Hamilton and the children a big apology. Hamilton says it's all right, as mistakes happen. ...und them to not be "very big talkers" and mentions that they "are not very big at all". In the announcer box, the announcer introduces and begins an inter
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  • ...and his wife, [[Shirley Blower|Shirley]], have arrived. Mildred tells her brother that "the boss is here" and he replies to tell him that he's "[[Arnie's mea ...m, which initially confuses him, but Wolfman describes Centuri as having a big dude with a silver hairdo.
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  • ...flower and smells it. Starla comments that she wishes her parents and baby brother could see Earth as well. She then asks if there was a way to let her family ...rds] for the slow pace of the direction. But he really blew his top in the big explosion scene. There were about three major bits missing, including a bea
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  • anyway. Adama is stunned, realizing that his father didn't pressure his brother as much as he believed. : We didn't want to do a big action scene. We wanted to do a brutal, ugly [[w:Martin Scorsese|Martin-Sco
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  • * Aboard ''Galactica'', [[Zac|Lieutenant Zac]], {{TOS|Apollo}}'s younger brother, convinces {{TOS|Starbuck}} to let him take his patrol with Apollo so he ca ...fleet of the impending Cylon ambush. Apollo reluctantly leaves his younger brother behind.
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  • ...Kara invites him in and calls for Zak. [[Zak Adama]] comes out, greets his brother, and introduces Kara as his girlfriend. those on watch at essential posts (e.g. in CIC). The crowd didn't look big enough to this editor for that to be the case, though. The whole scene is
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  • **[[Kara Thrace]] and her fiancé [[Zak Adama]] have his brother [[Lee Adama]] over for dinner in her apartment. Conversation turns to the c ...e constellation [[w:Ursa Major|Ursa Major]] (including the "[[w:Big Dipper|Big Dipper]]" [[w:Asterism (astronomy)|asterism]]) appears briefly in this epis
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  • ...shared with the other humans, such as Ellen Tigh who mentions "one of the Brother Cavils," and Adama, who refers to both the [[Ragnar Anchorage]] copy and th ...isode wasn't because of any hard-to-capture voices but because there was a big chunk of mission-planning exposition that had to be done as clearly and as
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