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{{Ship Data
#REDIRECT[[List of battlestars (TRS)#Solaria]]
| image=
| race= Colonial
| type= Military
| ftl= Yes
| role= Carrier / battleship hybrid
| weapons= Primary and point-defense [[KEW|Kinetic Energy Weapons]], conventional missiles, nuclear warheads, Vipers, Raptors
| status= Destroyed in [[Fall of the Twelve Colonies|Cylon Attack]]
'''''Solaria''''' is the name of a [[Colonial]] [[battlestar]] in the [[Battlestar Galactica (RDM)|Re-imagined Series]].
''Solaria'', featuring integrated command and control systems and featuring Dr. [[Gaius Baltar]]'s [[Command Navigation Program]] (CNP) is reported as lost, along with the ''[[Columbia]]'' and ''[[Triton]]''.
Commander [[William Adama]] mentions the destruction of this battlestar in an update to his crew on the [[Fall of the Twelve Colonies|Cylon Attack]] ([[Miniseries]]).
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