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==[[RDM Battlestar Galactica|New Series]]==
#REDIRECT[[List of battlestars (TRS)#Solaria]]
The name of a [[battlestar]], featuring integrated command and control systems, and featuring Dr. [[Baltar, Gaius|Gaius Baltar's]] [[Comand Navigation Programme]] (CNP). She is reported as lost, along with the ''[Columbia]]' and ''[[Triton]]''.
# According to information released by [[Zoic]], the ''Solaria'' was one of the second batch of seven battlestars constructed at the time of the [[Cylon War]], the others being: ''[[Triton]]'', ''Pacifica'', ''Acropolis'', ''Prometheus'', ''Argo'' and ''Poseidon''.
# During the opening of the [[Mini-Series]], [[Doral, Aarron|Arron Doral]] states that the [[Battlestar]] ''[[Galactica]]'' is the "last of her kind". This would suggest that:
** Either the ''Solaria'' mentioned later in the mini-series may have been built much later than the original twelve battlestars, possibly as a replacement vessel
** Or Doral was simply making a point that the ''Galactica'' is the only remaining battlestar with non-integrated systems
==[[TOS Battlestar Galactica|The Original Series]]==
There is no corresponding battlestar mentioned in [[TOS Battlestar Galactica|the original series]], however, costumes were produced to represent warriors from the ''Solaria'', so it can be assumed she was destroyed prior to the attack at [[Cimtar (TOS)|Cimtar]].
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