Scorpion Fleet Shipyards

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The shipyards over Scorpia.

The Scorpion Fleet Shipyard(s)[1] were a series of Fleet drydocks located in orbit around Scorpia.

The docks themselves appear to be able to accommodate various Colonial vessels including Thera Sita type transports. Cargo is transported along the entire length of the facilities by cargo trains that are able to move along both the top and bottom to deliver the cargo to its destinations. The shipyards also feature various points for Colonial craft to replenish their Tylium supply, and store the fuel in massive storage tanks at various positions along the structure.

Defensively, the structure features vary little and must rely on The Fleet for long term defense, however, the structure includes various Viper hangars, and anti-aircraft turrets along the entire length of the structure.

In the opening moments of the attacks, the Cylons are able to surprise the Colonials and detonate various nuclear weapons in range of the shipyards, eliminating the use of DRADIS and blinding both sides involved. The detonations also cause moderate damage to the facilities themselves, but leave them intact, indicating they were not directly hit. On fire, and all but defenseless, multiple squadrons of Raiders are then able to jump in and finish off the facilities with relative ease, despite being blind. The subsequent assault ultimately destroys the facilities, and various Colonial craft caught in the middle. However, one battlestar was able to escape detection, break free of her berths, and escape the battle (TRS: "Razor").

Docked vessels

At the time of the attacks, the shipyards were seen hosting the Pegasus, at least one Galactica type Battlestar (possibly two) [2], at least two Valkyrie type Battlestars, and at least two Berzerk type support vessels, along with numerous military and civilian transports.


  • Although the planet is called Scorpia (TRS: "Colonial Day", "Razor"), the location subtitles in "Razor" identify the shipyard's name as "Scorpion Fleet Shipyards". It is possible that the installation is named with an adjectival form of the colony's ancient name, "Scorpio". The shipyard is identified as Scorpia Fleet Shipyards in "The Plan".
  • This image of the shipyards and of the planet Scorpia in the background is the first time that viewers have seen any other Colonial planet aside from Caprica (TRS: "Miniseries"). Tauron is later shown in the extended DVD cut of "Razor".
  • The shipyards were seen in orbit around the southern hemisphere in "The Plan", but in orbit over Scorpia's northern hemisphere in "Razor".
  • The Science of Battlestar Galactica lists battlestars Ramses and Bellerophon as two of the ships destroyed at the shipyard.

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  1. Both "shipyards" and "shipyard" are used in dialogue.
  2. Only one can be seen in the establishing shot of the shipyard, being enclosed by the superstructure on two sides. However, during the battle, a Galactica-type battlestar is shown in a different place. This could mean that the visual effects of the establishing shot and the battle don't fit together, however this is not far from the location seen in the opening shot, and thus the ship could simply have moved. It is unknown if the two are meant to be the same battlestar.