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One of the 12 Colonies of Man in the Cyrannus system (Video Game)

Sagittaron endured centuries of exploitation at the hands of the other colonies (Bastille Day), so much so that even after unified colonial rule, Tom Zarek lead an organised series of terrorist acts against the established government there. One of these acts include blowing up a government building (Bastille Day). Under Sagittarian penal law convicted felons lose their citizenship, but have it automatically reinstated after they finish serving their sentences. This included the right to vote and to stand for election. (Colonial Day)

Sagittaron is attacked alongside the 11 other colony worlds in the Cylon attack that resulted in the exodus of man. Some 5,251 natives of the planet survived. Among them is Petty Officer Dualla, a member of the CIC crew aboard the Battlestar Galactica, and (ironically), Tom Zarek, who at the time of the attack, was being transported to Caprica aboard the Astral Queen for a parole hearing (Bastille Day).

Notable Natives