Saga of a Fugitive Fleet

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Cover art for Saga of a Fugitive Fleet depicting Noah Hathaway, Laurette Spang, Terry Carter, Jack Stauffer, Anne Lockhart and Sarah Rush (L-R).

Saga of a Fugitive Fleet is a one-off audio drama written, directed and produced by Daniel Earnshaw and released by Explore Multimedia on 4 December 2000. It features the voice talents of a bulk of 1978 Battlestar Galactica's performers, including Terry Carter (Tigh), Laurette Spang (Cassiopeia), Jack Stauffer (Bojay), Noah Hathaway (Boxey), Anne Lockhart (Sheba) and Sarah Rush (Rigel). Utilized are previously recorded audio by performers Lorne Greene (Adama), John Colicos (Baltar) and Richard Hatch (Apollo), derived from extant works.

Ostensively a version of the Original Series with the "serial numbers" filed off, Saga features voice talents of various Original Series' performers while eschewing the use of copyrighted terms and direct references to Original Series tales.

Additional performers lending their talents include Robyn Douglass (Galactica 1980), Sonja Kristina, Ken Bones (Doctor Who), John Guilor, John Clegg and Alistair Lock (of Big Finish Productions).


According to writer-producer Daniel Earnshaw, Saga had been designed to feature a larger involvement of Richard Hatch as co-writer and co-producer, but his involvement never came to fruition due to Hatch's passing in 2017.[1]

Story Listing

  1. "Space Mutiny"
    Track Time: 1h7m
    Summary: Tensions run high as a vote on the direction of the fleet approaches, but control has been seized in a mutiny by someone who has their own agenda…
    (Space Mutiny is a remake of the 1988 B-Movie of the same name - used with permission.)
  2. "Fail Safe"
    Track Time: 56m
    Summary: When an unknown force pulls the stricken fleet off course, an improvised mission sets off to find the source and the risk is greater than anyone could have thought…
  3. "Quarantine World"
    Track Time: 51m
    Summary: On a world that should never be visited, time and space are being manipulated and a crash-landed cadet meets someone who just shouldn’t be there…
  4. "Paradise Void"
    Track Time: 57m
    Summary: On the eve of the vote to decide the fleet’s fate, a signal from outside the fleet might decide the outcome unless the truth can be found…

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