Propulsion (TOS)

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For the frequently-used counterpart to lightspeed in the Re-imagined Series, see FTL.

Lightspeed is the term for a Colonial battlestar accelerating to the speed of light or faster. No other ship in Galactica's rag-tag Fleet had lightspeed ability, so normally the battlestar moved no faster than the slowest ship in the Fleet during its exodus from the destroyed Twelve Colonies.

Commander Adama orders Colonel Tigh to take Galactica to lightspeed, despite Tigh's objections that suggest that it had been some time since the battlestar was ordered to accelerate that fast (Experiment in Terra).


While the Re-imagined Series attempts to ground its technology to plausible theories regarding apparent FTL travel, the Original Series was less scientific. The mechanism and theory of lightspeed travel in the Original Series was never explained.