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The Ships Portal


Welcome to the portal for the ships of Battlestar Galactica. Ships play a vital role in the Galactica saga, providing the Colonials with a means of escaping the Cylons (and giving the Cylons a means of pursuing them). From the Adriatic to the Zephyr, each ship has its role to play, and you can learn more about some of the ships of the Fleet here.


Colonial Ships of the Reimagined Series


Cylon Ships of the Reimagined Series

Note: In a reference to the Original Series, Cylon basestars and Raiders from the First Cylon War are identical in appearance to their Orginal Series counterparts

Colonial Ships of the Original Series


Cylon Ships of the Original Series


Selected article


Cloud 9, is a massive, FTL-capable luxury liner within the Fleet. The ship is unique in that as well as traditional living and working space on board, Cloud 9 incorporates a huge pressurized bio-dome that provides a realistic simulation of a planetary surface, including gardens, buildings, trees - even an artificial sky. President Laura Roslin's rebuilt Quorum of Twelve met here. It is ultimately destroyed by Gina in an act of nuclear terrorism when Baltar is elected president.


Selected picture

Great Cylon Turkey Shoot

Hundreds of Cylon Raiders exploding under a hail of fire from Galactica's Viper squadron during the Great Cylon Turkey Shoot.