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Colonial military pilots in the Re-imagined series are identified by a callsign rather than their proper name when on duty. Callsigns are given to pilots upon completion of training and certification, and once a pilot is given a call sign, it is "for life." The pilot's callsign also becomes his/her nickname during off duty hours. No two active officers from the same base can have the same callsign. Pilots given a callsign who later move to other duties (e.g. Adm. "Husker" Adama) retain their callsign whether or not it is used. Unlike functionary callsigns (e.g. "Galactica Actual" or "Colonial One") these callsigns identify an individual regardless of the role he/she occupies at any given time.

Pilots, of Raptors and Vipers, and their callsign are as follows. Only pilots for whom a full or partial name and a callsign are disclosed are listed. For a more comprehensive listing please see this page. All pilots are based on Galactica unless otherwise noted.


Apollo Adama, Lee Maj Viper, Raptor
Athena Agathon, Sharon LtJG Raptor [5]
BB Baxton, Brent Ens Viper [4]
Blindspot Talamonte, Timo Lt Viper [1]
Bomber Wilson, Drew Lt Viper
Boomer Valerii, Sharon LtJG Raptor [2] [4] [5]
Bulldog Novacek, Daniel Lt Viper [2] [9]
Buster Bayer, Richard Lt Raptor [4]
Buttermilk Van Dyk, Keenan Lt Viper [1]
Catman Birch, George Capt Viper [1]
Chopper Dix, Coran Lt Viper [1]
Chuckles Perry, Donald Sgt Viper [4]
Crashdown Quartararo, Alex Lt Raptor
Dash Oberon, Theo Capt Viper [1] [4]
Deadbolt Parker, Oein Lt Viper [1]
Dipper Spencer, Jackson Maj Viper [4]
Duck Clellan, Tucker LtJG Viper
Easy Esrin Ens Raptor [3] [4]
Falcon Birch, Delphi Lt Viper [1]
Feline Amante, Analy Lt Viper [1]
Flat Top Saunders, Dwight LtJG Raptor
Flyboy Irvine, S Lt Viper [3] [4]
Freaker Firelli, Mei Lt Viper [1]
Fuzzy Kief, Jarrell Lt Raptor [1]
Gonzo Pike, Eammon LtJG Viper, Raptor [4]
Hammerhead Palladino, Joe Lt Viper
Hardball Seelix, Diana Ens Viper
Helo Agathon, Karl Capt Raptor
Hiccup Brigden, River Lt Viper [1]
Hotdog Costanza, Brendan Lt Viper, Raptor
Husker Adama, William Adm Viper, Raptor [2]
Jo-Jo Clark, Joseph Ens Viper [4]
Jolly Anders Lt Viper [3] [4]
Karma Baker, Cohen Lt Raptor [4]
Kat Katraine, Louanne Capt Viper, Raptor
Kingston McCrae, Seamus Ens Viper [1]
Longshot Anders, Samuel Ens Viper [5]
Narcho Allison, Noel Lt Viper
Pookie Zook, Lyn Lt Viper [1]
Puppet Bronte, Branuelle Capt Viper [1] [4]
Racetrack Edmondson, Margaret Lt Raptor [4]
Ranger Rogers, T Lt Raptor [1] [3]
Red Devil Fleer, Steve Lt Raptor [1]
Redwing McKay, Paolo Lt Viper
Ruins Choben, Chac Lt Viper [1]
Sever Minos, Troy
Viper [1] [6]
Shark Ellway, Lyla
Raptor [4] [6] [7]
Shark Finnegan, Jay LtJG Raptor [7]
Showboat Case, Marcia Capt Viper [8]
Skulls McCall, Hamish Lt Raptor [4]
Snicker Kelder, Ars
Viper [1] [6]
Snitch Burke, John Capt Viper [1]
Sonny French, Ronald Lt Viper [1]
Spender Salas, Anumanda Lt Viper [1] [6]
Starbuck Thrace, Kara Capt Viper [4]
Stinger Taylor, Cole Capt Viper, Raptor
Sweetness Jones, Emmitt Lt Raptor
Tailgate Smith, Bryan Lt Viper [1]
Trip Montero, Jose Lt Viper [1]
Two Times Richardson, Ricky Capt Viper [1] [8]

[1] This character is not seen, but the name with callsign is seen on screen (for example, on duty roster or report).

[2] This character is qualified to pilot another type of vehicle besides Raptor or Viper.

[3] This character's first name was not disclosed.

[4] This character was killed in action (KIA).

[5] This character is a humanoid Cylon.

[6] This character's rank was not disclosed.

[7] Continuity error - two characters with same call sign.

[8] Assigned to Pegasus.

[9] Assigned to Valkyrie.