Paulus Magus

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Paulus Magus
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Portrayed by Wally Wingert
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[[Image:|200px|Paulus Magus]]

Capt. Paulus Magus is the son of Bryn Magus, brother of Iphigenia, and wingman to Ensign William "Husker" Adama.

Like his sister, Paulus was born in the city of Petaville on Caprica. During his service with William Adama, at the age of 27 he holds the rank of Captain and commanded Blue Flight aboard battlestar Galactica.

A serious and intelligent man, Paulus is the eldest child of Commander Magus and big brother to Iphigenia. He is the mirror of his father at the same age, very much a straight arrow, cool and calculating, and never one to make a hasty decision or rush into a situation without a plan. Most observers believe that Paulus is set to follow in his father’s footsteps, perhaps to command a battlestar of his own some day.

Paulus' callsign was 'Ghost' and his Viper designation was Blue Leader.


Official Statements[edit]

He's a little cocky, and he seemed to enjoy being in charge quite a bit. I think he enjoyed having the younger cadets look up to him and seek his wisdom. But he also could become threatened by any up and coming hotshots. But at the same time, I believe he recognized their abilities and appreciated them.[1]


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