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Introduced Blood on the Scales
Death Stabbed with a pen by Romo Lampkin (Blood on the Scales)
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Role Marine, Galactica
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Portrayed by Adrian Holmes
Parr is a Cylon
Parr is a Final Five Cylon
Parr is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Parr is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information

Parr is a Marine stationed on the Galactica.

Parr is among the marines who participate in the mutiny led by Felix Gaeta. During the mutiny, Tom Zarek has him escort Romo Lampkin away, presumably to his death, but he happens upon the aftermath of Lee Adama and Kara Thrace's rescue of the Cylon hostages. Using Thrace as a distraction, Lampkin kills his escort by repeatedly stabbing him with a fountain pen and breaks free of his bonds (Blood on the Scales).