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==[[RDM Battlestar Galactica|New Series]]==
{{Ship Data
| title= Pacifica
| italic=y
| image=
| race= Colonial
| type= Military
| ftl= Yes
| role= Carrier / battleship hybrid
| co=
| weapons=
| status= Destroyed at the [[Battle of Cimtar]]
According to information releaed by [[Zoic|Zoic Studios]], the name of one of the original 12 battlestars built by the Colonials during the [[Cylon War]]. There is currently no [[Canon|canonical]] data to support this, but as the ''Pacifica'' was a name used in the [[TOS Battlestar Galactica|the original series]], it is probable the name would be carried forward to the [[RDM Battlestar Galacitca|new series]].
'''Pacifica''' is a battlestar presumed destroyed at the [[Battle of Cimtar]].
== Notes ==
* Though the name "Pacifica" is not specifically seen on screen, the [[Battlestar (TOS)|battlestar]] '''''Pacifica''''' is mentioned when the Cylons attack the fleet at [[Cimtar]] {{OS|Saga of a Star World}}.
==[[TOS Battlestar Galactica|The Original Series]]==
[[Image:5_battlestars.jpg|thumb|5 Battlestars at Cimtar (credit: Universal / ABC)]]
Though not specifically seen on screen, the name of the ''Pacifica'' is mentioned in connection when the Cylons attack on the fleet at [[Cimtar (TOS)|Cimtar]] ([[Saga of a Star World]]), along with the ''[[Acropolis]]'' and ''[[Triton]]'' - so it can be assumed that these three were the  three unnamed battlestars seen with the ''[[Atlantia]]'' and ''[[Galactica]]' at Cimtar.  
--[[User:Ernestborg9|Colonial Archivist]] 17:53, 27 Jan 2005 (EST)
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Race: Colonial
Type: Military
FTL: Yes
XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Carrier / battleship hybrid
Armaments: {{{arm}}}
Defenses: {{{def}}}
Aircraft: {{{aircraft}}}
Aviation facilities: {{{facilities}}}
Fate: Destroyed at the Battle of Cimtar
Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Additional Information

Pacifica is a battlestar presumed destroyed at the Battle of Cimtar.