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Norman Blore
[[Image:|200px|Norman Blore]]


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Introduced The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I
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Marital Status Married to Shirley
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Role Radio station general manager
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Portrayed by William Daniels
Norman Blore is a Cylon
Norman Blore is a Final Five Cylon
Norman Blore is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Norman Blore is an Original Series Cylon
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[[Image:|200px|Norman Blore]]

Norman (the clown) at right, with Shirley in center, and Andromus at left.

Norman and his wife Shirley are driving to a Halloween party where Wolfman Jack is in attendance. Norman is dressed as a clown, although he is far from jovial.

The "disguised" Cylons Andromus and Centuri accept a ride from Norman, needled by Shirley who believes they are humans such as they are, merely dressed up for the festivities. Unlike the laughing Shirley, he reaction is one of trepidation and discomfort.

During the awkward car ride, Norman reveals his hatred of Arnie's meatballs, Vida Blue's appointment to the San Francisco Giants and a negative view of Arnie's sister, Mildred, who he describes as so "romantically malnourished" that "she once proposed to a mugger in Central Park". The only reason he attends the party is due to his belief that Arnie is the best music director in radio.

Upon the revelation by Shirley that Norman is the general manager of a radio station, of which Wolfman Jack is an on-air personality, Andromus believes the Wolfman can take them to radio equipment for them to communicate with the distant Cylon Empire (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I).


  • William Daniels, who plays Norman, will later appear (in voice only) as K.I.T.T., a supercar from a more successful Glen Larson TV series, Knight Rider. Not so coincidentally, the K.I.T.T car's main sensor is identical to the Cylon Centurion red-eye scanner from Larson's Galactica days.