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Callsign Ninja
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Introduced Bastille Day
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Role Viper pilot, battlestar Galactica
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Additional Information

Ninja[1] is the callsign of a pilot listed on a flight roster on Galactica (TRS: "Bastille Day") and participates in the Battle for the Tylium Asteroid[2] (TRS: "The Hand of God", "The Hand of God").

Later, his callsign appears on a pilot duty roster in the episode "Six of One".


  1. The word "ninja", from real-world Japanese history, is yet another parallelism in the Colonies that detaches the history of a human people from its Earthly origin, forming a bit of a contradiction. See Language in the Twelve Colonies for more on this and other issues of language in the Re-imagined Series.
  2. The name can be seen on left side of the flight roster in the Situation Room around time index 35:00.