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| albumno= 1
| albumno= 1
| artist= [[Robyn Douglass]]
| artist= [[Robyn Douglass]]
| label= La-La Land Records
| label= Explore Multimedia
| discs= 1
| discs= 1
| tracks=13
| tracks=13

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Messages from the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs
"Messages from the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs"
An album of the '
Album No. 1
Composer(s) {{{composer}}}
Artist(s) Robyn Douglass
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Label Explore Multimedia
Tracks 13
Running Time 00:44:00
Discs 1
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From Apollo to Tom Zarek: The Battlestar Galactica Memoirs Messages from the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs
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Messages from the Future: The Galactica 1980 Memoirs is an one-disc CD published by Explore Multimedia in January 2020, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Galactica 1980. As with their previous release by Richard Hatch, this is an audio book memoir by the performer, actress Robyn Douglass (Jamie Hamilton, Galactica 1980), detailing her career and life.

Track Listing

  1. Becoming an Actress
    Track Time: 3m41s
  2. The Clone Master
    Track Time: 3m06s
  3. Getting the Role
    Track Time: 1m57s
  4. Meeting Cast Mates
    Track Time: 1m14s
  5. My First Scene
    Track Time: 2m57s
  6. The First Episodes
    Track Time: 5m56s
  7. Messages From the Future
    Track Time: 3m00s
  8. Special Effects
    Track Time: 6m10s
  9. Parents On Set
    Track Time: 4m00s
  10. The Running Incident
    Track Time: 4m51s
  11. Cancellation
    Track Time: 1m14s
  12. The A-Team
    Track Time: 2m31s
  13. Conclusion
    Track Time: 2m50s

Press Release

From the product listing:

2020 release. Robyn Douglass is best known to sci-fi fans as Jamie Hamilton in Galactica 1980. In Messages for the Future, Robyn shares her recollections of her career building up to appearing in the show, her memories of being on set and her reflections on the show. These unique audio recordings were made in 2019 and we hear the recounting of previously unknown details about the show and Robyn Douglass' contribution to the Battlestar Galactica canon.[1]


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