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The Cylon IL-series attached to Baltar, who were assigned to seek out the Galactica's Fleet and destroy them. He initially presumed that he would learn much from the Human who betrayed his own race. (Saga of a Star World)

Lucifer had clear and present distrust of Specter, and attempted to convince Baltar of the problems Specter had. (The Young Lords)

Voiced by Jonathan Harris

Animated by Felix Silla


Lucifer is named after the fallen angel depicted in texts of Roman Catholic and other origins, also another name for the Devil.

Maybe all IL-series Cylons are named after some form of demon in homage to Count Iblis, who originally had control over the Cylons. Though this is just speculation

Lucifer's "first" appearance was in the final scenes of "Saga of a Star World", in which Baltar was spared execution by the succeeding Imperious Leader, Barkol.