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Louanne Katraine

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Louanne Katraine
[[Image:Bsg-kat-1.jpg|200px|Louanne Katraine]]


Age Early 20s
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Birth Name Louanne Katraine
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Callsign Kat
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Marital Status Single
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Role Viper Pilot, Battlestar Galactica
Rank Lieutenant
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Portrayed by Luciana Carro
Louanne Katraine is a Cylon
Louanne Katraine is a Final Five Cylon
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[[Image:|200px|Louanne Katraine]]

Louanne "Kat" Katraine is a young woman with some flying experience. She was selected as a candidate pilot ("nugget") for Viper training under the command of Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (Act of Contrition). While she may still be a new pilot, she has a taste for fighting, and is often on the front lines when Galactica engages Cylon forces.


Katraine is a young woman in her early 20's, who is selected from relative obscurity to become one of Galactica's first intake of trainee pilots after 13 experienced pilots were killed in a freak accident (Act of Contrition).

Described as a "boonie jumper", she is placed under the instruction of Kara Thrace, alongside nugget pilots Brendan Constanza and Perry, with whom she formed a friendship.

Thrown in at the deep end - flying Vipers on their very first day of training, none of the nuggets perform particularly well - Kat in particular fails to make a combat landing on Galactica. Thrace washes out the entire group of candidates before she is forced to reinstate them on the orders of Commander William Adama.

Katraine's training continues until she is selected to fly with Lee Adama during a raid to secure tylium desposits from the Cylons (The Hand of God). Her fellow nuggets Perry and Stepchild are killed in this action, but she and Brendan Constanza survive and are greated as heroes upon their return to Galactica.

She participates in the defense of Galactica when the battlestar becomes separated from the Fleet, and has to face down a Cylon basestar in order to relocate it (Scattered).

After Lee Adama's defection to the Laura Roslin faction, his replacement, the newly promoted Captain George Birch negligently endangers Katraine during a training exercise. She is almost killed when Birch incorrectly directs her to attack an asteroid target as Brendan Constanza fires a missile at the target. Katraine's piloting skills save her from a dangerous collision with debris (Home, Part I).

Kat is later promoted from cadet to the rank of Lieutenant. She becomes increasingly exhausted with the mounting pressures of service in the Fleet with long hours, constant danger, and no possiblity of reinforcement. While trying to combat her fatigue, Kat becomes dependent on stims. The effects of overuse of stims make Kat emotionally unstable. She "moons" a documentary crew for her "buddies" on Freighter 212, berates Chief Tyrol for mechanical failures that are beyond his control, and later crashes her Viper into the flight deck, totalling the vehicle (Final Cut", "Flight of the Phoenix"). She is pulled from flight status for some time, but is reinstated by the time that the advanced battlestar Pegasus joins the Fleet , when she flies wingman to Apollo on CAP when first contact is made with Pegasus.

File:Kat leader.jpg
Kat as squad leader during the Pegasus/Galactica Vipers faceoff

In the wake of Admiral Cain's integration of Galactica and Pegasus' officers, Kat appears to have been made the acting-CAG of the Galactica flight team. With Starbuck and Apollo both transferred to Pegasus and the failure of Cpt. George Birch as CAG during Lee Adama's absence, Katraine appears to be the most likely choice to fill the command vacuum. She is definitely the flight leader of the Viper wing that squares off against the Pegasus Vipers. In spite of making repeated requests for firing clearance, she does manage to keep the situation from degenerating into a fire fight, and manages to avoid several collision attempts in the fighters' deadly "chicken" game, each attempting to force the other side to fire first (Resurrection Ship, Part I). The newly-promoted Admiral Adama later undid some of the late Admiral Cain's fleet restructuing, re-promoting Lee to Captain and re-installing him as Galactica's CAG. (Epiphanies)


  • Katraine's first name was revealed in the episode "Final Cut".
  • Some of Kat's family may also have survived the Fall of the Twelve Colonies - Kat shouted "Hi, Mom!" while waving into the camera in "Final Cut". However, she may have been speaking facetiously.