Lloyd Bridges

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Lloyd Bridges, born January 15, 1913, was an American film and TV actor.

Bridges debuted on Broadway in a stage production of Shakespeare's Othello. After being blacklisted during the U.S. Congress' "witch hunt" for communist sympathizers, Bridges resumed work primarily in television roles, some that met with notable success, including his role in Sea Hunt, which ran from 1957 to 1961.

For the next 45 years, Bridges gained praise in several critically acclaimed roles in several popular TV miniseries, particularly in the award-winning series, Roots. Bridges kept busy on the big screen, starring in over 150 movies. The latter part of his career was filled with a handful of humorous parodies, including Airplane!

Bridges played the bombastic but brillant Commander Cain, commander of the presumed-lost battlestar Pegasus in the Original Series two-part episode, "The Living Legend."

Bridges died of natural causes at the age of 85 on March 10, 1998.

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