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For deleted scenes from the Re-imagined Series, see List of Deleted Scenes (RDM).

This page lists deleted scenes that never made the final cut for any number of reasons. They may be found on a myriad of digital video releases, notably DVDs and Blu-rays, across multiple regions.

C-Bucs Training[edit]

This is considered a longer, extended scene as parts of this scene were integrated into quick snap-cuts during the Cylon deployment and subsequent all-out offensive attack against the Colonies.

  • Jean Barolay engages in aided leg stretching with another C-Buc.
  • Wheeler complains about the lack of oxygen as he heads to the training field. Number Four, who successfully infiltrated the Caprica Buccaneers as the team's doctor, replies that the whole point of high-alt training is to help improve oxygen utilization. As they reach the edge of the training field from their encampments, they meet up with Barolay. Sue-Shaun opines her belief that caffeine aids in oxygen utilization, to which Four replies in the negative, and they share a chuckle.
  • Rally asks when they'll get out to the field, itching for the chance to start the day.
  • Sue-Shaun goes to pour a cup of coffee from a coffee urn, commenting that it looks like it was through a war; Barolay makes a comment of it being made from a dead Centurion.
  • Wheeler squints and asks who is out training with Samuel T. Anders, and a team member chides him for not recognizing his fiancée, Kai. The team has a spirited ribbing out of it, and then they make it to the field.