List of Deleted Scenes - Miniseries

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For deleted scenes from the Re-imagined Series, see List of Deleted Scenes (RDM).

This page lists deleted scenes that never made the final cut for any number of reasons. They may be found on a myriad of digital video releases, notably DVDs and Blu-rays, across multiple regions.


They are available on the Region 1 version of the Miniseries DVD. Below is a list, as they appear on that DVD.

  • Billy Keikeya meets Laura Roslin aboard Colonial Heavy 798; Roslin has just heard that she has terminal breast cancer.
  • As Apollo's Viper is about to dock with Galactica, Aaron Doral poses questions to the film crew as to why Vipers and their landings are not automated.
  • Boomer and Helo make a difficult landing on Galactica, replete with incomplete CGI. This scene was to separate two of the prominent sex scenes, the first with Gaius Baltar and Number Six, and the second with Boomer and Chief Tyrol. According to David Eick, his "biggest regret" is cutting the scene, as "[w]ithout it, I think we inadvertently created this idea that we were trying to be the show that was going to have lots of sex in it."[1]
  • Cally, Socinus and Prosna talk about Valerii's and Tyrol's forbidden relationship.
  • (Extended Scene) Billy and Dualla walk out of the unisex head to rejoin Commander Adama and Roslin.
  • Adama remotely detonates Galactica's remaining munitions, as a part of the pre-decommissioning ceremonies. (Adama implies that his father was a military man in this scene, though we later learn that his father was a civil liberties lawyer).
  • (Alternate Scene) Apollo has the Cylon missile chase him through the Colonial Fleet training range on the Trevor Moon, subsequently destroying the missile.
  • Roslin and 798's crew find Apollo's Viper adrift and recover the ship.
  • Starbuck and the Mark II Vipers take on three unsuspecting Cylon Raiders.
  • Tyrol brings Boxey to the pilot's bunk to give him a place to sleep, telling the child that Galactica is a very lucky ship.
  • Roslin and Billy discuss the current situation; Roslin questions Billy's support of her.
  • Cally confronts Chief Tyrol regarding his relationship with Valerii prior to boarding Ragnar Station.

Other scenes removed from the Miniseries's final cut, include:

  • An alternate opening scene where the Armistice Officer continually visits the station year after year, progressively getting older between title cards, was shot. While Michael Rymer believed the scenes worked, they were too long for the Miniseries, which ran over an hour longer than originally intended.[2]
  • The Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion makes mention of another scene featuring the death of Socinus, who would later become a recurring character. However, details regarding this scene are not provided.


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