List of Actors that have Played Multiple Roles

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This is a listing of all actors who have played multiple, different roles over multiple series, from the Original Series to the Re-imagined Series and their spin-offs.

This listing does not and shall not include any actors who have only played identical copies of Humanoid Cylons, or actors who have only played a human being and their holographic avatar twin, or characters who use aliases (i.e. Karibdis from "Murder on the Rising Star").

Original Series and Galactica 1980

Actor Original Series Character Original Series Appearances Galactica 1980 Character Galactica 1980 Appearances
Ana Alicia Aurora "Take the Celestra" Gloria Alonzo "Space Croppers"
Richard Lynch Wolfe "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero" Xaviar "Galactica Discovers Earth"

Original Series and the Re-imagined Series

Actor Original Series Character Original Series Appearances Re-imagined Series Character Re-imagined Series Appearances
Richard Hatch Cpt. Apollo Entire Series Run Thomas Zarek "Bastille Day"—"Blood on the Scales" (intermittently)

In the Re-imagined Series

Actor First Portrayed Character First Appearance Additional Characters Additional Appearances
James Ashcroft Spectator #1 "Colonial Day" Security Officer "Black Market"
Eric Breker Gemenon Captain "Flesh and Bone" George Chu "Sacrifice"
Biski Gugushe Pilot #1 Miniseries Sekou Hamilton "Litmus"—"A Disquiet Follows My Soul" (intermittently)
John Mann Maj. Jackson "Dipper" Spencer Miniseries Linden Deleted scene from "Black Market"
Ryan Robbins Armistice Officer Miniseries Charlie Connor "Exodus, Part I"—"The Oath" (intermittently)

Re-imagined Series and Caprica

Actor Re-imagined Series Character Re-imagined Series Appearances Caprica Character Caprica Appearances
Camille Atebe Sarah Ryan "Maelstrom" Phoebe "False Labor"
Karen Austin Lilly "Escape Velocity" Ruth Entire Series Run
Luciana Carro Cpt. Louanne "Kat" Katraine/Sasha "Act of Contrition"—"The Passage"
Deleted scene from "Maelstrom"
Priyah Magnus "Reins of a Waterfall"—"There is Another Sky"
Erica Carroll Civilian "Sacrifice" Woman "Know Thy Enemy"
Garvin Cross Collishaw "Valley of Darkness" Security Guard "Retribution"
Mike Dopud Specialist Gage "Pegasus", "Resurrection Ship, Part II", "The Oath", "Blood on the Scales" Sal "Apotheosis"
Diego Diablo Del Mar Hillard "Downloaded"—"Rapture" (intermittently), The Plan Bartender "The Dirteaters"
Michael Eklund Specialist Prosna "Miniseries"
Deleted scene from "Daybreak, Part I"
Waylon "Reins of a Waterfall"
Carmen Moore Sister Tivenan The Resistance (episodes 2, 10) Fidelia Fazekas "The Heavens Will Rise"—"Apotheosis"
Iris Paluly Dahlia "The Ties That Bind"—"Blood on the Scales" Jax "Apotheosis"
Aleks Paunovic Omar Fischer "Scattered"—"Rapture" William Adama Sr. "The Dirteaters"
Paul Perri Royan Jahee "Epiphanies" Judge Maximus "Gravedancing"
John Pyper-Ferguson Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor "Pegasus", "Resurrection Ship, Part I" Tomas Vergis "Know Thy Enemy"—"Things We Lock Away"
Nimet Kanji Candace Myson "Litmus" Natalie Stark "Rebirth"
Winston Rekert Priest "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II", "Collaborators" Obal Ferras "Unvanquished"
Ryan Robbins Armistice Officer
Charlie Connor
Armistice Officer: Miniseries
Charlie Connor:"Exodus, Part I"—"The Oath"
Diego "Unvanquished"—"Here Be Dragons"
Ron Selmour Seaborne "Bastille Day" Shotgun "Ghosts in the Machine"
Darryl Scheelar Thompson "The Oath" Mendez "Rebirth"
Linnea Sharples Lt Emmitt "Sweetness" Jones "Home, Part I" Ada's Mother "Unvanquished"
Chris Shields Corporal Venner "Scattered"—"Fragged" Louie "The Imperfections of Memory"
Veena Sood Unnamed Quorum Delegate "Sine Qua Non"—"Blood on the Scales" Joan Leyte Pilot
Jill Teed Sergeant Hadrian "Act of Contrition"—"Litmus" Sasha Patel "End of Line"
Christian Tessier Lt. Tucker "Duck" Clellan "Scar"—"Occupation" Francis "Reins of a Waterfall", "The Dirteaters", "Here Be Dragons"

Re-imagined Series, Caprica and Blood and Chrome

Actor Re-imagined Series Character Re-imagined Series Appearances Caprica Character Caprica Appearances Blood and Chrome Character Blood and Chrome Appearances
Ben Cotton Terrified Man Razor Atreus "False Labor" William Adama Pilot