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Law of the Twelve Colonies (RDM)

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There are many legal precedents and laws that bound the Twelve Colonies of Kobol together, as well as methods of trying people under said laws. This article highlights how the laws are treated by the Colonials before and after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

Legal precedents


Citizens of the Colonies may ask for asylum from the military. Rya Kibby, a 17 year old Gemenese woman, sought and successfully gained asylum from the Colonial Fleet's highest ranking officer, Admiral William Adama.

The result of asylum in Kibby's case was the successful abortion of her pregnancy, despite her parents' wishes (The Captain's Hand).

Reproductive Rights

The issue of abortion is left untouched by law until near the end of the first year of the exodus with the case of Rya Kibby and her unborn child.

Prior to its resurgence post-Fall, abortion is an issue heavily contested in the Colonies, despite its legalization. In particular, the Gemonese argue against the practice on religious grounds; Laura Roslin makes the claim that she has fought for women's reproductive rights for her entire political career, and would not concede to Representative Sarah Porter's demands regarding Kibby.

As a result of population projections provided by Gaius Baltar, which highlighted the necessity of repopulating the human species, Roslin overturned the abortion laws thus making it illegal for abortions to happen anywhere in the Fleet (The Captain's Hand).

Colony's Rights

Each colony has their own laws as part of their autonomy from the federal government.

On Gemenon, children are legally owned by their parents until they are 18 years of age (The Captain's Hand).

The Cylons

Legally speaking, the Cylons (even in their humanoid form) are not considered people, and are therefore not afforded the typical treatment of enemy combatants.[1]

Cylon prisoners have been subjected to torture (Flesh and Bone) and execution without trial ("Flesh and Bone", "A Measure of Salvation").

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