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Introduced Prison of Souls, Part 1
Death Presumed killed in fuel explosion, "Prison of Souls, Part 3"
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Role Prison guard, Prison Barge
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Krolis is a Cylon
Krolis is a Final Five Cylon
Krolis is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Krolis is an Original Series Cylon
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Krolis is a guard on the Prison Barge.

He is disgruntled over the fact that Commander Adama will free Baltar, as a result of Baltar's help in destroying a Cylon basestar, believing that Baltar must pay for his role as the murderer of humanity ("The Hand of God", "Prison of Souls, Part 1").

Krolis orchestrates a plan to take over the Prison Barge, so that Baltar can be executed without interference, enlisting the assistance of fellow guards Alon, Krin and Norus (Prison of Souls, Part 1).

Krolis is thwarted by Alon (Prison of Souls, Part 3), who allows his friend, the Barge's communication officer, to contact Galactica (Prison of Souls, Part 1).