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James Lyman

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James Lyman
James Lyman


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Birth Name James Lyman
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Nickname Jammer
Introduced Litmus
Death Executed by The Circle (Collaborators)
Marital Status Single
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Rank Specialist (Colonial Fleet), Captain (NCP)
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Portrayed by Dominic Zamprogna
James Lyman is a Cylon
James Lyman is a Final Five Cylon
James Lyman is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
James Lyman is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
[[Image:|200px|James Lyman]]

James "Jammer" Lyman is first seen as a deckhand under Chief Galen Tyrol on Galactica.

When President Roslin makes it public knowledge that Cylons are now capable of mimicking human form, paranoia spreads throughout the Colonial Fleet. Cally and Socinus argue with Lyman that everyone shouldn't become suspicious and stop trusting one another or the Cylons get what they want. Lyman tells his shipmates that the time for that kind of thinking is in the past and it's "every man for himself now" (Litmus).

When Cylon Centurions board Galactica (Valley of Darkness), Captain Lee Adama and a team of Marines find Lyman hiding unharmed in a small arms locker room filled with crewmen the Cylons killed.

Lyman also scoffs Tyrol's attempt at constructing the Blackbird, though he later reconsiders his decision and aids the deck crew and Tyrol in finishing the prototype, signing his nickname on the hull (Flight of the Phoenix).

As with most of the Fleet, Lyman settles on New Caprica. After the Cylons occupy the planet, Lyman becomes a member of the New Caprica Resistance. He appears to be very religious, and objects to hiding weapons in the temple. Lyman is picked up by the Cylon authorities and asked about the events of the temple by a copy of Number Five. He later joins the New Caprica Police (The Resistance).

Lyman survives the suicide bombing carried out by Tucker "Duck" Clellan at the NCP graduation ceremony and later participates in the rounding up of "insurgents" ordered by the Cylons. Like all NCP personnel, he wears a mask to conceal his identity, and not even Tyrol is aware of Lyman's new position. Jammer has a slight change of heart when the Cylons order the execution of 200 detainees, including Cally. At the execution site, just before the firing squad of Centurions appears, he cuts Cally's bonds and tells her to run (Precipice). The Centurions are then attacked by Tyrol and his fellow insurgents, who rescue the detainees (Exodus, Part I).

Jammer escapes Tyrol's squad and is seen again as New Caprica City is being evacuated during the Battle of New Caprica. Tom Zarek gives him a sidearm and tells him to guard Laura Roslin as she makes her way back to Colonial One. Lyman is on board the Presidential liner when it takes off to rendezvous with the Fleet (Exodus, Part II).

Jammer in the launch tube (Collaborators)

On the third night following the escape from New Caprica, Lyman is brought before the Circle, a tribunal secretly created by an executive order of President Tom Zarek. The Circle consists of six members who formerly served in the leadership of the New Caprica Resistance. The Circle convicts Lyman of crimes against humanity and treason and sentences him to death.

Lyman pleads for his life, imploring Chief Tyrol to have mercy on him because he saved Cally Tyrol's life. His pleas fall on deaf ears as he is directly responsible for the deaths of 23 people. Jammer is jettisoned from Galactica via one of the launch tubes and dies from vacuum exposure. Commander Lee Adama informs Admiral William Adama that Lyman is among the people who turn up missing, as Lyman failed to report for duty the following morning and could not be located on Galactica (Collaborators).


  • Lyman is distinct amongst the deck crew of Galactica in that while essentially all of the other deck crew characters so far shown wear orange jumpsuits, Lyman's jumpsuit is yellow (this makes him easy to spot for fans who might not know who he is). This is probably done to add to the realism of the Re-imagined Series, because real-world aircraft carrier deck crew personnel wear color-coded jumpsuits according to their assigned tasks.
  • On real-world US Navy carriers, yellow-suited deck crewmen are charged with aircraft handling, catapult gear, and plane direction duties. The US Navy actually doesn't use an orange-suit designation, but the closest to that are red-suited personnel, who are charged with ordnance, crash and salvage duties.