Jack Fisk

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Jack Fisk
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Colonel Jack Fisk is the Executive Officer of the battlestar Pegasus when he and Admiral Helena Cain discover battlestar Galactica (Pegasus).

Fisk is a typical orders-only XO who generally keeps to the status quo established by his commanding officer. Like his counterpart on Galactica, Saul Tigh, Fisk is fond of drinking, although he appears far less likely to drink on duty than Tigh has in the past.

In a drunken conversation with Colonel Tigh, Fisk says that he entered his position as XO following Admiral Helena Cain's execution of her previous XO for insubordination. Fisk later claimed that the tale of the shooting was just a joke, although Tigh's instincts told him otherwise when he relayed the story to Commander Adama.

After Commander Adama and Admiral Cain come to a near-shootout between their battlestars over Cain's quick conviction of Galactica officers Helo and Galen Tyrol, Admiral Cain orders Fisk to take a contingent of Pegasus marines to guard the Galactica CIC, but with orders to "terminate Adama's command" after the battle is over, once she calls him and says "Execute case orange" (Resurrection Ship, Part I).

Colonel Fisk breaks up a violent beating to prisoners Helo and Galen Tyrol, conducted by Pegasus Specialists Vireem and Gage. He dresses down the men, warning them that striking an officer on Pegasus has severe penalties, and sends them on his way. When thanked by Helo and Tyrol, Fisk nastily dismisses their thanks, adding that he owed Lieutenant Thorne his life, as did others on Pegasus. When Helo explains that Thorne was attempting to rape Sharon Valerii, Fisk echoes the same sentiment held by most in the Colonial fleet: "You can't rape a machine, Lieutenant."

Fisk later details to Tigh (again, over drinks) the fate of a civilian fleet that accompanied Pegasus for a time before Admiral Cain ordered their ships stripped of supplies, parts, and people, killing the families of any conscripts who refused to leave.

Fortunately, Cain does not give the kill order to Fisk for Commander Adama at the expected time, which leaves Fisk visibly relieved. Colonel Fisk later assumes command of Pegasus when Admiral Cain is killed by an escaped Cylon agent, Gina (Resurrection Ship, Part II).

Fisk's previous position on Pegasus before becoming the XO is not known.

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Like Cain before him, Fisk is also murdered. An officer named Barry Trammel is promoted to replace him. ("Black Market" and "The Captain's Hand", respectively).