Hangar deck

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The hangar deck is where all of the fighter-class and transport-class ships are kept i.e. Vipers and Raptors, respectfully. Munitions for the Vipers and equipment for the Raptors are also kept on the hangar deck. Basic repairs take place on the hangar deck and when the time for battle comes, pilots rush into their ships and the deck crew pushes them out into the launch tubes which are directly connected to the hangar deck. If a launch is aborted, the deck crew is caled upon to get the ship out of the tube and fix it ASAP. The hangar deck is basically as well-manned as the deck of any aircraft carrier. All of this is located under the landing bays of each flight pod.

Chief Tyrol is in charge of the repairs and other work done on the hangar deck.

Starbuck keeps the Cylon Raider she used to get back to the Galactica in You Can't Go Home Again on the deck as well.