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Full Name: Joyce* Hadrian

Rank: Sergeant

Age: Mid-30s (?)

Marital Status: Unknown

Children: Unkown

Current position: Master-at-Arms Battlestar Galactica, formerly part of the 75th Battlestar Group

(Played by: Jill Teed)

Sergeant Hadrian is the Master-at-Arms of the Galactica, and one of its few remaining Marines. She is responsible for the internal security of the ship (Litmus). As such, Commander Adama places her in command of investigating Cylon sabotage (Water). It is apparently in this duty that she investigated the flight deck accident that resulted in the death of thirteen Viper pilots (Act of Contrition). After the suicide attack of Aaron Doral, Adama places her in command of an independent tribunal to attempt to locate Cylon saboteurs aboard the Galactica. After refusing to defer to Adama's authority, and accusing Adama of being involved, he forcefully disbands the tribunal, and confines Hadrian to her quarters (Litmus).


  • It has been hinted by sources close to the production that Hadrian's first name is "Joyce". However, this has yet to be confirmed directly by production staff, or through a further appearance by the character on-screen.
  • Hadrian was the name of a Roman Emperor who was characterized by his efforts to stabilize and strengthen the Roman frontier, building suitable defenses and abandoning provinces that were too costly to guard. Sergeant Hadrian plays a similar role: she tirelessly works to defend the Galactica against its enemies (although she focuses on internal enemies, whereas the emperor focused on external ones). In keeping with the show's basis in Greek mythology, Hadrian was a noted Hellenophile, and did much to enrich Greek culture in the Empire during his reign. Wikipedia: Emperor Hadrian