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The Ha'la'tha is a Tauron-based criminal organization also operating on Caprica. Its leader is called the Guatrau. Members sport tattoos on their faces and across the length of their bodies, but one tattoo that all members must have is a tattoo that visually represents the oath a member swore upon entering the organization. [1] Tattooing is a Tauron custom, but many on Caprica associate it with the Ha'la'tha (CAP: Gravedancing). Tomas Vergis is a close friend of the organization. The Ha'la'tha syndicate paid for Joseph Adama's legal education and employs him as a mob lawyer. His brother Sam is a full member (Caprica pilot).

93 years BCH, the Tauron Civil War resulted from the conflict between the Ha'la'tha and the Tauron democratic government (The Caprican). [2]

Known members