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The Ha'la'tha is a Tauron-based criminal organization also operating on Caprica. The organization's name is Tauron for "always faithful to the soil" (CAP: "False Labor"). Its leader is known as the Guatrau.

Members sport tattoos on their faces and across the length of their bodies, but one tattoo that all members must have is one that visually represents the oath a member swore upon entering the organization. [1] Tattooing is a custom followed across Tauron society, but many on Caprica associate it exclusively with the Ha'la'tha (CAP: "Gravedancing").

In addition to those who are members of the organization, the Ha'la'tha also maintains an extensive network of connections that reach powerful levels of business and government. Tomas Vergis, CEO of the Vergis Corporation, is a close friend of the Guatrau. By assisting Daniel Graystone in reacquiring the leadership of Graystone Industries, the Ha'la'tha becomes a quiet partner in the company's business activities CAP: "Unvanquished," "Things We Lock Away"). The syndicate paid for the legal education of Joseph Adama, brother of full member and enforcer Sam Adama, and employs him as a mob lawyer (CAP: Caprica pilot). For a time, Val Chambers had benefited from his relationship with the Ha'la'tha in his climb through the ranks of Caprican government, to the position of defense minister; however, after taking that office, Chambers had turned against the Ha'la'tha, and was murdered for that decision (CAP: Caprica pilot).

93 years BCH, the Tauron Civil War resulted from the conflict between the Ha'la'tha and the Tauron democratic government (The Caprican). [2]

Known members