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* The Ha'la'tha's outward similarities can be compared to the [[wikipedia:Mafia|Cosa Nostra]], [[wikipedia:Yakuza|Yakuza]], and [[wikipedia:Russian Mafia|Bratva]].
* The Ha'la'tha is comparable to the [[wikipedia:Mafia|Cosa Nostra]], [[wikipedia:Yakuza|Yakuza]], and [[wikipedia:Russian Mafia|Bratva]] on Earth.

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The Ha'la'tha is a Tauron-based criminal organization also operating on Caprica. Its leader is called the Guatrau. Members sport tattoos on their faces and across the length of their bodies. Tomas Vergis is a close friend of the organization. The Ha'la'tha syndicate paid for Joseph Adama's legal education and employs him as a mob lawyer. His brother Sam is a full member (Caprica pilot).

Known members