H.M.S. Glutton o' Punishment

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The Old Man Fart retrieves the ship that was smashed by Tigh's glutes (TRS: "Sine Qua Non").

The H.M.S. Glutton O' Punishment[1] is the name of the alleged expensive, insured model sailing ship[2] that William Adama is seen working on throughout the series.

It has been mangled twice: once by Adama's hands o' cranky doom after Kara Thrace's death (TRS: "Maelstrom"), the second time by Tigh's glutes o' grinding (TRS: "Sine Qua Non").


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.
  2. In reality, there were three of these; two were auctioned off (one unbroken, the other broken). They were owned outright by production, and not rented as some erroneously contended.