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[[Category:A to Z]]

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CPO Tyrol (credit: Sci-Fi Channel)


Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Age: 30 (?)

Marital Status: single

Children: none

Current position: Senior NCO commanding Deck Crew 5, Battlestar Galactica

(Played by: Aaron Douglas)



Galen Tyrol is a much-admired NCO aboard the Galactica. He has served under William Adama for a number of years, and has considerable respect for the Commander - a feeling that is reciprocated. Indeed, he admires Adama to such a degree that he has modelled his own style of leadership on that of Adama: firm, fair, and will to go to the fullest degree in support of his crew.

Originally leading Deck Crew 5, a team of 15 deckhands and specialists, since the Cylon Attack he has become the most senior and experienced NCO on the Galactica.

Cylon Attack

At the time of the Cylon Attack, as well as leading his deck crew, Tyrol has been overseeing the refurnishment and restoration of Viper Mark II N7242C - the Viper originally flown by William Adama at the time of the Cylon War (Mini-Series).

Following the attack, with the Galactica undermanned, Tyorl also performs the function of senior Damage Control officer (Mini-Series / Water), a role that brings him into conflict with Colonel Tigh after the Galactica is struck by a Cylon nuclear warhead.

Relationship with Sharon Valerii

For several months prior to the Cylon attack, and in it aftermath, Tyrol has been engaged in an affair with Lieutenant (JG) Sharon Vallerii, a Raptor pilot aboard the Galactica. Despite the fact the relationship breaks military protocol, senior officers on the ship turn a blind eye to it, while Tyrol's own crew treat it with fond amusement.

When the water supplies on the Galactica are sabotaged, Tyrol is placed in an awkward position: by her own admmission, Valerii knows explosives were mssing from a small-arms locker - potentially making her a suspect - and he is the principle DC investigator into the cause of the explosions which wreck the water tanks, prompting him to hide evidence and allow a theory that the walls of the tanks simply collapsed from fatigued resulting from damage the Galactica received from an nuclear warhead in an Cylon attack (Wataer / Mini-Series).

However, following the sabotage attempt, as a part of a general tightening-up of security and discipline on ship, Valerii is ordered to end her relationship with Tyrol (Bastille Day), only to have Tyrol's desk crew help the two of them to continue to meet in greater secret (Litmus).

However, Tyro's world is thrown into termoil when both ie and Valerii become the prime suspects in an investigation into how a Cylon agent managed to get aboard the Galactica, kill a guard, steall explosives and them blow himself up in a ship's corridor, almost killing Adama and Tigh (Litmus). When one of his own Specialists is thrown in the brig for a dereliction of duty which may have enabled the Cylon to access a weapons locker and steal the explosives, Tyrol is shocked into re-thinking his relationship with Valerii, and ends it himself.

While they continue to encounter one another professionallly - their work means they can hardly avoid one another, Tyrol and Valerii now have an uneasy distance between each other, and Valerii's actions around a captured Cylon Raider have begun to disturb Tyrol.