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The Solium - The moment most likely to set fan messageboards on fire

The Caravaggio - For Moments you didn't see coming, even if you were spoiled

The TOSser - For Biggest Plot Blunder/Most Obvious Plot Device, or Continuity Error

Sexiest Male Character

  • Lee "Apollo" Adama

Sexiest Female Character

Most Shocking Moment

Most Dramatic Moment

  • Commander Adama's "I'm getting my men!" confrontation with Admiral Cain, at the cliffhanger ending of "Pegasus"

Funniest Moment

Best Villain

Best Usage of the Word "Frak"

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Ship/Spacecraft/Fighter

Best Relationship

  • William Adama/Laura Roslin

Best Screenwriter

Best Line

Best Hero/Heroine

Best Guest Actor

Best Guest Actress

Best F/X Scene

Best Actress

Best Actor

Best Episode

Best Action Sequence

  • Battle of the Resurrection Ship, (Resurrection Ship, Part II)

The GINO - For Overall Excellence in Making the Fans Happy By a Cast or Crew Member

Several new awards were created for the Second Annual Golden Toaster Awards:

Best New Character

The Mrs. Ron Award - For Most Relevant Political Scene - named in honor of Terry Moore, for her discussion with fans on the official messageboard.

Most Underappreciated Character - Character that did not get the screentime they deserved

Best Death Scene

The Digital Inspiration - Moment Most Likely To Be Used in Fanart

Five "technical awards" presented during a "red carpet pre-show":

Best Costume

Best Makeup

  • Gina’s bruises, cuts and scrapes as a result of her torture (Pegasus)

Best Set Design

Best Musical Track

Best Podcast