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The Battle of Molecay is a fan fiction novel from Clean Slate Press. The novel describes the Fifth Fleet as being composed of three battlestars (Pegasus, Brittanica, and Olympus) and a number of smaller vessels.


Baltar and Karibdis place a bomb on the Pegasus forcing it to briefly stop for repairs. The rest of the Fifth Fleet goes ahead as Cain expects to catch up with it shortly.

When the Cylons attack, the fleet is in the middle of a tylium asteroid minefield. This makes the asteroids explosive and just as dangerous as any enemy fighters. Shortly after the Pegasus arrives at the battle, the Brittanica and Olympus are destroyed as well as two of three Cylon basestars. After the initial battle ends, the only suriving ships of the Fifth Fleet are the Pegasus and a smaller vessel called the Venture.

Cain uses the Venture as bait to lure the remaining Cylon basestar into a trap. The Venture is loaded with explosives and placed among a number of deadly tylium asteroids, causing the Cylons to be destroyed when they attack it. Cain then takes the Pegasus out into deep space in order to avoid the other Cylons who would be waiting for them to try to return to the Colonies.

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