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{{Cast Data
  image = Anonymous.png
| image= Chu.jpg
| character=[[Chu]]<br/>[[Gemenon Traveller|Gemenon Captain]]
| character= [[George Chu]]<br/>[[Gemenon Traveller|Gemenon Captain]]
| dob=
| born_month=
| born_day=
| born_year=
| death_month=
| death_day=
| death_year=  
| nationality=  
| nationality=  
| death=
| imdb= 0107023
| imdb= 0107023
| sortkey=Breker, Eric

'''Eric Breker''' is the actor who portrayed the ''[[Gemenon Traveller]]'' captain in "[[Flesh and Bone]]" and [[George Chu]] in "[[Sacrifice]]".

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Breker has had roles in other genre series such as ''[[w:Stargate SG-1|Stargate SG-1]]'', ''[[w:The Dead Zone (TV series)|The Dead Zone]]'', ''[[w:Dark Angel (TV series)|Dark Angel]]'', and ''[[w:Smallville (TV series)|Smallville]]''.
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Eric Breker
Eric Breker
Portrays: George Chu
Gemenon Captain
Date of Birth:
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Eric Breker is the actor who portrayed the Gemenon Traveller captain in "Flesh and Bone" and George Chu in "Sacrifice".

Breker has had roles in other genre series such as Stargate SG-1, The Dead Zone, Dark Angel, and Smallville.