Dwight Saunders

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Flat Top redirects here. For the information about the salvage and repair ship, see Flattop.
Dwight Saunders
Dwight Saunders


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Birth Name Dwight Saunders
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Callsign Flat Top
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Introduced Bastille Day
Death Act of Contrition
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Role Raptor pilot, Galactica
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Portrayed by Colby Johannson
Dwight Saunders is a Cylon
Dwight Saunders is a Final Five Cylon
Dwight Saunders is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Lieutenant Dwight "Flat Top" Saunders is a young Raptor pilot on Galactica. He has gained some notoriety from undertaking heavy-handed combat landings. For this, he is good-naturedly teased by Kara Thrace while she is acting as CAG during Lee Adama's absence from ship. Later, he pilots the Raptor carrying Thrace's Marine strike team to Astral Queen (TRS: "Bastille Day").

He is killed in a an accident on the hangar deck, when a rocket-propelled communications drone breaks free from its storage mount, igniting the motors and causing an explosion. At the time of his death, he had just completed his 1,000th shipboard landing (TRS: "Act of Contrition").


  • When Flat Top's Raptor docks with Astral Queen in "Bastille Day", the name plate on the vessel gives his name as "Ryan Cisco". However, at the start of "Act of Contrition" an announcement over the ship's intercom can be heard, in which the character's name is given as "Dwight 'Flat Top' Saunders". Battlestar Wiki chooses to show preference to the latter reference, as the name was changed by the production for potential legal or creative reasons.
  • "Flat top", in this context, likely refers to the hairstyle. In real-world military parlance, it is also a slang term for an aircraft carrier.