Dodona Selloi

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Dodona Selloi
Dodona Selloi


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Introduced Exodus, Part I
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Portrayed by Amanda Plummer
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Dodona Selloi, a human living on New Caprica, is an oracle.

Number Three visits Selloi in her tent, guided by a dream she has about Hera, a child believed dead.

Selloi is surrounded in her tent by curious tapestries and stones. She sits among these, licking chamalla off of her palm and complaining about its bitterness, wanting candy to sweeten it.

Selloi tells her that Zeus and the other Lords of Kobol are sad for Three. When Three disputes the existence of the Lords of Kobol, Selloi tells her that she knows that Three's own beliefs about God are in flux, and that the humanoid Cylon does not know what to believe.

Selloi knows of Three's dream, and tells her of a message from Three's God: The child of two peoples (human and Cylon) is alive, a child named after the wife and sister of Zeus[1]. She warns Three, however, that when Three is able to hold the child in her arms, she will unravel all that the Cylon occupation has done (TRS: "Exodus, Part I").


  • Selloi is the first oracle seen in the Re-imagined Series. Other oracles, such as Galen Tyrol's mother and Pythia, have been mentioned only. Later, Yolanda Brenn is introduced, because Amanda Plummer was unavailable to reprise her role.
  • The character is named for Dodona (Δωδώνη), an ancient city which was home to a Greek oracle[2], and the Selloi (Σελλοί), a group of priests based there[3]. (Source: Podcast:Exodus, Part I)


  1. The specific description of the goddess Hera further deepens the parallelism between the Lords of Kobol and their counterparts in the Olympian pantheon of real-world Earth's Greek mythology.
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