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Lt. Dillon (from 1980 CE) after a time warp to 1930s CE


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Introduced Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I
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Portrayed by Barry Van Dyke
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Dillon in the separate continuity

Lieutenant Dillon helps Captain Troy in their missions to help the people of Earth prepare for contact with Galactica and the Cylons.

Dillon accompanies Troy and Jamie Hamilton back in time in order to stop Xaviar from altering history (Galactica Discovers Earth). He also helps to protect the children of Galactica when they end up on Earth (1980: "The Super Scouts"). He helps to track down Xaviar when he returns and threatens the children (1980: "Spaceball").

He and Troy also thwart the efforts of the Cylons use a hijacked radio station to make a transmission (The Night the Cylons Landed).

Novelization depiction

In the novelization by Michael Resnick, Dillon is described as a 6'3," 202 lbs. male with brown eyes and light brown hair. According to said police blotter, Dillon has a scar on his upper left arm as a result of a Cylon attack.[1] [2] In addition, Dillon notes that while he was on the planet Pinta, he had a personalized robot companion that appears quite similar to a jukebox, but better sounding.[3]


  • When Galactica 1980 was originally conceived, it was to have featured the Original Series characters of Apollo and Starbuck. However, as neither actor was available for the project, it was decided to advance the storyline 30 years and feature two new characters, Troy and Dillon, as the new leads.
  • Dillon's height is 76 inches, which is determined when his mug shots are being taken at the police station.
  • Romance develops between Dillon and Jamie in the unproduced script "The Wheel of Fire." There is also a clear romance between Jamie and Dillon in the VHS release Conquest of the Earth which uses footage from several episodes of Galactica 1980. The scenes in which Jamie declares her love for Dillon are redubbed with the voice of a different actress.
  • Dillon appears in all but the last episode of "Galactica 1980".


  1. It should be noted that this would contradict Dillon's later claim in "The Super Scouts, Part I" that the Cylons have not attacked "in a generation".
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