Diana Seelix

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Seelix is a deckhand aboard the Galactica. She was a survivor of the crash of Raptor 1 on Kobol (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II). She may have some basic medical training, as it was she who attended Socinus's wounds (Scattered, Valley of Darkness). Seelix suffered a bullet wound to her leg while attacking a Cylon anti-aircraft emplacement on Kobol, but Cally dragged her to safety. The group was later rescued by Galactica. (Fragged).

Later, she returned to duty on board the ship on Chief Tyrol's deck crew. There she and the other deckhands threw a welcome back party for Cally when she was released from the brig, and later assisted in the construction of the Blackbird ("Flight of the Phoenix").

Played by: Jen Halley