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Columbia (TRS)

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New Series

The name of a battlestar, featuring integrated command and control systems, and featuring Dr. Gaius Baltar's Comand Navigation Programme (CNP). She is reported as lost, along with the Solaria' and Triton.


  1. According to information released by Zoic, the Columbia was one of the first five battlestars constructed by the Colonials, the other four being Galactica, Pegasus, Atlantia and Rycon.
  2. During the opening of the Mini-Series, Arron Doral states that the Battlestar Galactica is the "last of her kind". This would suggest that:
    1. Either the Columbia mentioned later in the mini-series may have been built much later than the original twelve battlestars, possibly as a replacement vessel
    2. Doral was simply making a point that the Galactica is the only remaining battlestar with non-integrated systems

The Original Series

Original Series Battlestar (credit: Universal / ABC)

According to some fan circles, The Columbia was the class-name given to Galactica-type battlestars. The ship itself was lost some time before the abortive "peace conference" at Cimtar (Gun on Ice Planet Zero).


Columbia is perhaps the most unlikely name for a space vessel developed by a wholly "alien" culture, being a derivation of the 15th Century Genoan explorer Christopher Columbus - which pushes the bounds of coincidence to their breaking point.

--Colonial Archivist 17:53, 27 Jan 2005 (EST)