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City of the Gods

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An illustration of the City of the Gods
Ruins of the Opera House of the City of the Gods

The main city on the planet Kobol, said to be the birthplace of mankind and the place where the "gods and man lived in paradise" before the exodus of the thirteen tribes.

It is the only city seen by Boomer and Crashdown when they came across Kobol during a Raptor sortie from Galactica (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I).

During a review of the images of the city, Laura Roslin has a vision of the city when it was still inhabited, seeing the Forum and the Opera House (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I), and then has quick visions of the Tomb of Athena and the Arrow of Apollo. The Forum and possibly other structures such as the Opera House and Temple are mirrored on Caprica, in Delphi.

These events lead her to the conclusion that the scriptures and the legends are true, and that - as foretold by Leoben Conoy, - Kobol will be a stepping stone to Earth (Flesh and Bone).

Realising that the Arrow of Apollo may be the key to discovering Earth, Roslin pursuades Starbuck to take the captured Cylon Raider back to Caprica to retrieve the Arrow, rather than preparing it for an attack on a Cylon basestar orbiting Kobol (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I).