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Changed "style" to "story-telling style." I daresay BSG probably owes something to the visual style of SG-1, which is ten years running and probably helped to popularize the use of a grittier and more contemporary visual style in space scifi as compared to a Star Trek or a Babylon 5 (earth-bound scifi is kind of a different story since much of it is in the very near future and admittedly SG-1 straddles the line between the two; see also: Space: Above and Beyond (1995)). In addition, SG-1 features the use of more "humble" technology by the primary team though paired with alien technology. Some of stylistic changes may have been as much a byproduct of the premise as an intentional leap forward in style but they may have been influential nonetheless.

In any case, the story-telling (if you can think of a better word, feel free) element is arguably what's backed up by the citation. Anything more is at least debatable enough to fall more on the side of opinion than encyclopedic.

Tebici 10:13, 14 May 2007 (CDT)