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Brendan Costanza

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Brendan Costanza
[[Image:200px|200px|Brendan Costanza]]


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Birth Name Brendan Constanza
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Callsign Hot Dog
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Marital Status Single
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Role Viper Pilot Cadet, Battlestar Galactica
Rank Lieutenant (presumed)
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Portrayed by Bodie Olmos
Brendan Costanza is a Cylon
Brendan Costanza is a Final Five Cylon
Brendan Costanza is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Brendan Costanza is an Original Series Cylon
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[[Image:|200px|Brendan Costanza]]


Lt. Brendan "Hot Dog" Constanza is a cocksure cadet, originally washed out of Colonial flight school, but selected as a candidate pilot ("nugget") for Viper training under the command of Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.


Constanza was a Fleet Academy washout, surviving the Cylon Holocaust. He is recruited as a Viper pilot trainee after an accident kills 7 Viper pilots, including Flat Top (Act of Contrition). Initially washed out from Viper training under Lieutenant Kara Thrace, Constanza is reinstated after Commander William Adama ordered his and other nuggets' return to flight training status.

After reinstatement, Constanza demonstrates an aptitude for being inventive and an overenthusiastic tendency for taking initiative. He acts more experienced than he really is and tries to be top dog. Constanza demonstrates this tendency when a group of eight Cylon Raiders encounter Starbuck, Hot Dog and his fellow nuggets on a training flight. Instead of obeying Starbuck's orders by returning to Galactica at full throttle, Hot Dog returns to assist Thrace as a wingman. This act almost gets the young, inexperienced pilot killed, but buys Starbuck time to dispatch all eight Raiders in a situation where, if not for Hot Dog's distraction of the collective enemy fighter group, Starbuck's odds of survival would be considerably less (Act of Contrition).

Constanza ejects from his severely damaged Viper and is subsequently rescued by Alert 1 (Act of Contrition) and a Raptor piloted by Sharon Valerii and Crashdown (You Can't Go Home Again).

Constanza develops a bond with Louanne Katraine and Chuckles, members of his training group (Act of Contrition).

Hot Dog takes part in the attack on a Cylon tylium refinery (The Hand of God) and fends off a Cylon attack while Galactica relocates the separated Fleet (Scattered). After returning to Galactica, Hot Dog survives a brief run in with a Cylon Centurion that boards the ship (Valley of Darkness).

While flying CAP, Colonel Saul Tigh orders Hot Dog to intercept a Raptor carring the escaping President Laura Roslin. After pilot Apollo continues their escape after Hot Dog fires a warning shot across his bow, Col. Tigh orders Hot Dog to stand down rather than shoot Apollo' Raptor down (Resistance).


  • Kat is promoted to Lieutenant after passing through Viper training as a cadet, so presumably Hot Dog has also been promoted to Lieutenant by the episode, "Final Cut", but this has not been confirmed in an aired episode as yet.
  • "Brendan" is the first name listed for Constanza on Bodie Olmos's IMDB page, as well as in the episode credits. In an interview with Scifi Magazine (February issue, page 53), his character is also refered to as Brendan. Although this name has not been used on-screen, it seems unlikely that the show's creative staff will rename him at this point.