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Boxey (RDM)

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Boxey from Bastille Day
(Credit: Sky One)

Name: Boxey

Age: 8-11 (?)

Colony: Caprica

Disposition: Orphan

Location: Battlestar Galactica

Portrayed by Connor Widdows


Boxey was the son of the Armistice Officer at Armistice Station. Following the Cylon Attack, Boxey and his mother sought sanctuary when the Raptor flown by Lieutenants Valerii and Agathon made an emergency landing on Caprica. When it became evident that the Raptor could not resuce all those who came to it, Boxey's mother gave him up for transport back to the Galactica, where he has since been unofficially adopted by members of the crew (Mini-Series).

In season one, Boxey has been seen following Starbuck around and copying her attitude and tone with Tigh in Bastille Day. He has also been seen eating with Valerii, Sharon#"Boomer" ValeriiBoomer and other pilots on the Galactica.