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Boomer (Amok Time)

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Lieutenant Boomer Limited Edition Collectible Figure
"Lieutenant Boomer Limited Edition Collectible Figure"
An item of merchandise of the Original Series
Product Info
Manufacturer Amok Time
Scale 1/6
Asst at02106
Character Boomer (TOS)
Amok Time
Series 1
Available at AmazonPurchase
Available at EaglemossPurchase

The Lieutenant Boomer Limited Edition Collectible Figure is an 1/6-scale mixed-media figure, and is part of the Amok Time release circa 2008, following their take-over of the Original Series license from Majestic Studios after its dissolution in 2007.

As is typical of 1/6-scale mixed-media figurines, this piece features multiple points of articulation (rotating head, arms, legs), is clothed using materials that replicate the look of the costume worn by the character, and includes certain accouterments.

To aid in the display of the figurine, the piece comes with a two-piece display stand consisting of a display base with the show's logo and the support arm that cradles the figure around its torso.

A few early production samples with packaging and accessories were made for studio and actor approval, which have since entered the collector's market in 2014, 2015, and 2019 via eBay.[1][2]

The full production run for this figurine was officially cancelled in 2010, when Amok Time's license for the Original Series 1/6 scale line expired.[3]


The figure was billed as featuring "classic BSG accessories" and display stand, and accessories were not itemized in sales descriptions from the Amok Time's online listing circa 2 March 2008.[4]

Additional production samples that survived into the secondary market featured a Colonial Warrior Helmet, laser pistol, and hand-held computer device.


The ensemble worn by Boomer are his Warrior's uniform (jacket, tunic, pant), plus weapons belt, and brown knee high motorcycle boots. As to be expected, Boomer features his collar pins.


A prototype for this figure was shown at Toy Fair in 2008, and displayed alongside Apollo and Starbuck figurines on a replica of the lower command section of Core Command.[5][6]

Secondary Market Appearances

Copies of a production sample (and perhaps the prototype of the Boomer figure itself) have made way into the trading market. Asking prices for these figures range from $999.99 to $1,999.99 USD.

Circa 2019, the user "excelsiorauctions" offered an unpackaged prototype figure that may be the version seen at Toy Fair and used for solicitation.

In 2014 and 2015, as well as 2019, at least two production samples were offered via eBay as well. Such samples were offered in "Starbuck" packaging, allegedly purchased directly from the manufacturer years prior.[7]

Face Sculpt

A point of comparison to Majestic Studios' figures, Amok Time's prototypes featured greater accuracy on their likeness to the character whom portrayed them.

Head sculpts for the prototypes were art directed by Amok Time's Charles Eugeni and Paul Lazo, and executed by Joy and Tom Studios.

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