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* [[Sebastian Spence]] as Unknown role<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
* [[Sebastian Spence]] as Unknown role<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
* [[Leo Li Chiang]] as Osiris Marine Sergeant (unclear whether Osiris refers to the character or a ship)<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
* [[Leo Li Chiang]] as Osiris Marine Sergeant (unclear whether Osiris refers to the character or a ship)<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
* [[Toby Levins]] as pilot [[Sandman]]<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
* [[Tom Stevens]] as Marine [[Baris]]<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
* [[Jordan Weller]] as [[Seamus Fahey]]<ref name="unconfirmed"/>
== References ==
== References ==

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This page contains spoilers regarding an unaired episode or published work, which may have an effect on your viewing. Please DO NOT read any content from this article if you wish to avoid knowing events before they are aired or published. Also keep in mind that information based on preliminary reports is subject to change and may differ from what is aired later.

Blood and Chrome is a television pilot (in production as of February, 2011) that follows the exploits of a young William Adama during the First Cylon War.

Blood and Chrome is a sequel to Caprica and a prequel to the Re-imagined Series.[1]

According to the initial announcement[2] from Syfy Channel's executive vice president of programming Mark Stern and Blood and Chrome's co-producer Michael Taylor, the feature has been greenlit.[1]

The plan is for the series to have a two-hour backdoor pilot. [1] The pilot's director is Jonas Pate.[3]

Depending on the success of this pilot, it may lead to a television series.

As of February 10, 2011, production had begun on the pilot.[4] Principal photography wrapped at the end of February, and the pilot is currently in extensive post-production.

The pilot is slated to air in late 2011, or early 2012.


According to Taylor, the series is "about a young man's [William Adama] initiation into war: both the realities of war as fought by soldiers on the ground (and in Battlestars and Vipers), and the somewhat less real version portrayed in the media."[2]

Further, Taylor points out that the scope of the series "isn't confined to Galactica. Far from it. It's a story that will take us to new corners of the Battlestar world (or worlds), and yet it aims to be a very contemporary war movie in a lot of ways. I would say I'm thinking as much of Afghanistan and Iraq--the reality of [The] Hurt Locker, Sebastian Junger's Restrepo, and similar movies--as I am about about the largely implied past of Battlestar."[2]

Blood and Chrome was also meant to feature adult situations as, according to Taylor, the series will not "[shy] away from R-rated blood and guts and sex" due to it being initially meant for online consumption.[2] Given its status as a televised feature, it is possible that the "adult situations" may be retooled to make it appropriate for broadcast with an unrated version appearing on DVD. This was the case with The Plan, which featured nudity and near-explicit sexual situations.



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