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Comments and Discussion

Great idea! It might be of great benefit if we can identify one or more actual users who could take advantage of this, so that it can be implemented in a way that is useful to them (and not how we THINK it would be useful to them). There is likely a template to eventually be developed that could link to the audio of a page (or otherwise navigate to the audio), indicate that the page does have an audio version, and possibly indicate versioning/etc. so that the audio people would be able to identify clips that are out of date so that they can be updated. (This audio was created from Version XYZ.) To such an end, it might be useful if the recording were done in sections where appropriate, so that a particular section could be updated instead of having to redo the whole article. I'm not sure about the usability implications of that, though.

Any ideas on where we could id some audience members? Would this (if approved) merit a Skiffy broadcast seeking interested parties (if we don't get banned for "advertising").

Also the Podcast project volunteers to transcribe all the audio clips. And... *waits a beat* we're done. Whew. That was tough. --Steelviper 12:00, 21 August 2006 (CDT)