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Battlestar Wiki would not be a concise, extensive encyclopedia were it not for the many people who actively read, make changes and additions, or handle the cleanup and policy functions that expand and maintain the wiki.

There are essentially five types of visitors to Battlestar Wiki:

  • "Lurkers": Battlestar Wiki is an publicly-available MediaWiki-based encyclopedia that anyone can read without contributing or editing. Borrowed from the internet nickname for readers of chat forums, the number of Battlestar Wiki lurkers range in the thousands, who come to check a fact, episode event, or character periodically.
  • Users: To edit any article on Battlestar Wiki, you must create a user account for yourself. (Sorry, to limit spam vandals and other bot attacks, you have to create an account and cannot post anonymously.) Users can edit almost any article and some internal wiki policy and project pages, but cannot move pages.
  • Trusted users: Trusted users are the same as the normal user, except that they have demonstrated reliable skills and numerous page edits to give them the privilege to move and rename article pages.
  • Administrators: Administrators, from the junior administrator to the more experienced, are trusted users who have also demonstrated knowledge (and adherence to) Battlestar Wiki policy. Administrators receive a handful of tools to expedite quick changes to articles and user accounts to maintain wiki performance, article integrity and accuracy. Administrators don't get any special "say" over other users and have only one vote in matters of wiki policy and consensus. Administrators have the power, with sufficient cause, to block users who violate Battlestar Wiki policies, guidelines, consensus and practices.
  • Bureaucrats: Bureaucrats (or "b-crats") are trusted users (or administrators) who have additional tools to change user privileges on Battlestar Wiki. After proper authority given from user consensus and policy, bureaucrats can create administrators and create trusted users. Bureaucrats also help in disputes.

The Unofficial "Clubs"

For levity, Battlestar Wiki members sometimes pretend that their privileges have a club name, based on their rights and responsibilities. You may see these "club names" jokingly used when a user's privileges change as part of the fun of helping Battlestar Wiki, so don't take the names seriously.

  • Regular user may be called member of the "Order of the Broom."
  • Trusted users may be called members of the "Order of the Sponge."
  • Administrators may be called members of the "Order of the Mop." The Mop Boy is the junior administrator.
  • Bureaucrats may be called members of the "Order of the Squeegee."

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